Daisy Dog Academy

Fido Come

How many times have you yelled this (maybe none if your dog isn’t named Fido) and watched in horror and frustration as your dog got smaller and smaller as he disappeared from your sight? Or are you a leash-o-holic who has never taken the plunge and unhooked that little clip out of pure terror? A leash is a fabulous safety tool and should be used for keeping your dog safe around dangerous areas. But how nice would it be if, in a safe area, you could unhook that leash and let your dog run full out and exercise and play with other dogs? Then do I have the class for you.

“Fido Come!” is a four week class that will teach you how to get that recall you’ve always wanted. You will learn how to make a plan and manage your dog during recall training. You will learn how to train a conditioned auto-response to your recall cue. We will talk about how this training will build and improve your relationship with your dog through trust and cooperation. And you will learn how to train an “emergency recall” and an “everyday recall” and the difference between the two.